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PIXLINK Ethernet Hub 8 Ports POE



  • Brand: PIXLINK
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Ethernet Network POE Switch 8Ports
  • Speed 10/100 Mbps


The device is a cloud managed poe switch that has 10 ports, including 8 poe ports that can power poe devices automatically. It has a built-in power supply that eliminates the need for an adapter. It can be easily set up and managed with the SSC Switch mobile app, which also alerts you of any connectivity issues and allows you to troubleshoot remotely. You can also use the app to enable the ultra-far mode, which extends the power and data transmission distance up to 250 meters, ideal for long-distance devices such as IP cameras. The device also supports VLAN mode and remote detection, which let you apply bulk settings to switch ports, isolate network segments, and check the working status of each port by the color of the port. The device is suitable for businesses and cost-effective, as it allows you to add ports as your needs grow and manage them from one place. The device also has a 4KV lightning protection design that protects the device and the network from power surges caused by lightning. It also has a network cable short-circuit protection mechanism that prevents the device and the network from malfunctioning due to short circuits in the network cable. The device can provide up to 30W per port and 120W in total, supporting IEEE802.3af/at standards, which are ideal for poe devices such as cameras, WiFi access points, and IP phones. The device has a sturdy metal casing and industrial-grade fans that ensure better heat dissipation and less noise. The device can be mounted on a desktop or a wall

1 years Warranty

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