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PIXLINK Ethernet Hub 4 Ports POE



  • Brand: PIXLINK
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Ethernet Network POE Switch 4Ports
  • Speed 10/100 Mbps


The device is a poe switch that has 4 poe ports and 1 or 2 uplink ports, depending on your needs. It supports 802.11 N wireless transmission standard and is compatible with IEE802.11b/g standards. It can provide free WiFi service in large areas and let you enjoy wireless coverage throughout your home or office. It can connect to various devices such as printers, cameras, and more, and allow you to stream HD videos and play games from any room. It can also extend the range of your existing WiFi network and improve the signal strength. The device has a built-in power adapter that makes it easy to plug in and use. It also supports WPA/WPA2-PSK encryptions, which protect your wireless network from unauthorized access. Some of the unique features of the device are: • It has a 4KV lightning protection design that protects the device and the network from power surges caused by lightning. • It has an AI watchdog function that detects and restarts any abnormal poe port connection automatically. • It has an AI 250 meters extend function that allows you to transmit data and power up to 250 meters away from the device, which is useful for long-distance devices such as IP cameras. • It has an AI PD detection function that intelligently determines whether the device connected to the poe port needs power or not, and avoids wasting power or damaging non-poe devices. • It has a network cable short-circuit protection mechanism that prevents the device and the network from malfunctioning due to short circuits in the network cable. • It has a fanless design that makes the device silent and energy-efficient.

1 years Warranty

This product is not available in your current region.

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