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ESEYE Time Attendance Finger Print

Time Attendance


  • Fingerprint - ESEYE 2815T
  • Fingerprint Capacity 3000pcs
  • User log 100000pcs
  • Interface USB - TCPIP - Wi-Fi


The device can store up to 3000 fingerprint, card, and password profiles each. It can also keep track of up to 100000 user logs. It supports multiple languages and has a 2.4-inch color screen that shows the user interface. It can verify users by three methods: fingerprint, RFID card, or password. It can connect to other devices via USB, TCPIP, or Wi-Fi. It also has a communication disk function that allows users to upload or download data. It works with either 9V or 12V DC power supply. It has an access control function that enables it to control the door, the controller, and the time zone settings. It comes with a free software that supports desktop management. It also has a Wiegand input/output interface that allows it to integrate with external readers or controllers. It also has a mobile app that allows users to access the device remotely.

1 years Warranty

This product is not available in your current region.

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