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RONGTA Barcode Label Scale RLS 1100



  • Rongta RLS1100
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-resistant
  • Exquisite, with drawable printer, easy to take out paper
  • Support PLU updating online and editing
  • Support 15kg/30kg


The device can store up to 10000 products and assign them to 224 hotkeys. The hotkeys can be customized and printed out using the PC software. The device can also use different tags and barcodes for each product, which makes it easier to manage the product categories. The device can print labels and barcodes in different orientations, such as 90 or 270 degrees. The device can be connected to the internet via Ethernet interface, and the software can be updated online to meet the customer's specific needs. The device can print more information on the labels, such as the production date, the packaging date, the freshness date, and the expiration date. The customer can choose the information they want to print according to their requirements. The device can also search for products quickly by their product number. The device supports discount schedules and periods, which can help attract more customers. The device supports multiple languages and backgrounds for the labels, such as the product name and other details. The device has a double screen dot matrix display, which can be used to promote products. The device can print both receipts and labels using a dual-motor design, which makes it more efficient and stable.

1 years Warranty

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